UConn Today (January, 2020)

This UConn Today article highlights the NEEDs2 project research and findings.

“We have a lot of work to do in terms of how do we build capacity to be able to think more holistically…about social, emotional, and behavioral spaces for kids”

Neag School of Education Spotlight (September, 2014)

This issue of the Neag School of Education Spotlight highlights the three IES-funded grants the school received during the most recent funding cycle; Neag scholars received 8% of the total IES grants available this year. The NEEDs2 project is highlighted, alongside Dr. Michael Coyne’s work in vocabulary interventions for at-risk students, and Dr. Elizabeth Howard’s project examining linkages between writing instruction and student outcomes for students who are English Language Learners.

“Our goal is to identify the screening practices that can help identify the kinds of social, emotional and behavioral supports students need for academic success, which we hope will lead to further research and the development of best practices of how to get these supports in place.”

Stamford Advocate (September 14, 2014)

In this review of Stamford, Connecticut’s efforts to address school-based mental health challenges in their district, Project Director Dr. Sandra Chafouleas discusses the challenges associated with the assessment and intervention of mental health problems in schools.

“You get it when you’re a teacher and you’re in a classroom and your student comes in and says, `I’m so hungry. What do I do?'” she said, relating a personal experience. “The reality is that school teachers and school staff are presented every day with a situation of someone saying, `I need help, what do I do?'”