To answer Research Question 1, NEEDs2 researchers conducted a systematic review of state-level websites to identify the extent to which state departments of education have provided specific guidance regarding the who, what, where, when, and why of SEB screening practices.

What we did:

1. We searched department of education websites for documents referencing SEB screening practices in K-12 settings
2. We conducted follow-up telephone interviews with state officials in order to confirm and add to the information obtained from the search.
3. For those districts participating in our RQ2/4 surveys, we reviewed those websites for info on SEB screening.

For more details, see Briesch, A. M., Chafouleas, S. M., & Chaffee, R. K. (2017). State-level priorities in school-based behavior screening policies and initiatives. School Mental Health

To answer Research Questions 2-4, NEEDs2 researchers conducted a national online survey of school district administrators, building administrators, student support staff, teachers and parents to look at current screening practices and how educators and families think about the options for addressing social, emotional and behavioral health. Survey items focused heavily on perceptions about the use, purpose, and value of different options in SEB screening.

What we did:

1. We developed a comprehensive survey to solicit information about district and school practices and preferences, with emphasis on SEB assessment.
2. We used NCES data to create a sampling frame of public school districts.
3. We applied weights to result in a nationally representative sample of public school districts in the United States.

For more details, see our Project Methodology.